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Motivation VS Discipline

Which is more important?

On the one hand, I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about motivation being the evil stepmother of progress. As if discipline comes without motivation or that discipline is the only way to make progress and that motivation is the baby bottle for newbs.

On the other hand, I’ve heard TONS of motivational speakers use motivation as a product to sell to the masses. Motivation certainly does sell, and it is the main concept behind Motivāt... duh. We all love a good “Go get ‘em” speech to get us amped up and encouraged to get after the day.

What I’ve heard talked about less though is the equal importance of both. When we talk about motivation, we’re usually talking about an extrinsic force that moves us in a certain direction. When we talk about discipline, we’re usually talking about an intrinsic force that moves us forward despite having any external motivating forces.

In my last blog, I talked about the idea of externally motivating my kids with a small amount of cash for making their beds without being reminded. As a young person is developing the skills needed to be successful in life, parents will often reward their child with positive reinforcements. This is the extrinsic motivation. And it builds excitement in achievement.

Motivāt was built on the idea that with the encouragement of a cup of coffee, a little extrinsic motivation can start a chain reaction that allows you to move forward in a disciplined (and maybe even joyful) fashion.

Our goal is to Motivāt you to complete YOUR mission. We hope that in all your interactions with us as a company, we could be that extrinsic force that nudges you closer to accomplishing those goals, starting that project, or making that phone call.

What is it in your life that is going to take a little of both motivation AND discipline to fully accomplish?


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