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Getting Started

The purpose of this blog is to keep our customers and fans informed about Motivāt and the coffee world in general, but we also want to utilize this space to provide encouraging content that motivates you to take your next step.

I read a book back in 2016 by Chip Gaines called Capital Gaines. It is chalk full of inspiring mantras, but I especially love this one:

“Complacency is the enemy, and getting started is as triumphant as crossing the finish line.”

Life is too short to wonder what would have happened if you tried out that idea that kept tugging at your heart. What does getting started look like for you?

Maybe a better question is: What will NOT getting started look like for you? What are you missing out on? Whose life will NOT be changed because you never got started? We’ve probably all seen the classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, at Christmastime once or twice (or every single year if you’re me). And the point of the story is to look at the beauty that your life brings to the world based on your average, daily actions and decisions. George Bailey is confronted with an alternate reality that shows what his world would have been like had he never been born. But perhaps an even more frightening alternate reality is what the world may look like even though you were born but were too scared to fully live.

I strongly believe that there are two things that hold the majority of us back: fear and laziness. And often we disguise fear with laziness.

We procrastinate and never pull the trigger, distracting ourselves with the myriad of pleasantries that our modern world has to offer us, not because we are actually happy, but because we’re afraid of what we’ll find on the other side.

Maybe we don’t measure up. Maybe we actually aren’t skilled enough or smart enough to pull off what we’ve been dreaming of. What if we make a fool of ourselves? What if we destroy our financial progress? What if our assumptions were wrong?

But then again, what if you were right? What if you are strong enough?

Take a chance on yourself. Let’s get up and get after it. Remember, getting started is as triumphant as crossing the finish line.


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Claire Turrubiate
Claire Turrubiate
21 Nis 2023

This is so good. i love it.

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